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Image Product Code Price
C85iX C85iX Free
Andersen 12ST
Andersen 12ST RA201200 R 7 500.00 (R 6 521.74 excl VAT) each
DW100 Drawer Refigerator
DW100 Drawer Refigerator DW100 RFX Free
Odeo flare OF1 R 950.00 (R 826.09 excl VAT) each
40ST Winch FS E1 Electric 12V RA2040011300 R 49 360.00 (R 42 921.74 excl VAT) each
46ST Winch FS Compact Above Deck 24V RA2046015200 R 87 434.00 (R 76 029.57 excl VAT) each
46ST Winch FS Compact Below Deck 24V RA2046014200 R 84 889.00 (R 73 816.52 excl VAT) each
DISC SPRING 40ST -12.2005 RA535500 R 422.00 (R 366.96 excl VAT) each
Winch Handle QuickLock, 250mm (10”), Palm Grip RF4435 R 2 472.00 (R 2 149.57 excl VAT) each
Andersen 18ST
Andersen 18ST RA201800 R 9 232.00 (R 8 027.83 excl VAT) each
C115iX C115iX Free
DW100 Drawer Freezer
DW100 Drawer Freezer DW100 BTX Free
46ST Winch FS E1 Electric 12V RA2046011300 R 52 469.00 (R 45 625.22 excl VAT) each
50ST Winch FS Compact Above Deck 24V RA2050015200 R 88 883.00 (R 77 289.57 excl VAT) each
50ST Winch FS Compact Below Deck 24V RA2050014200 R 86 294.00 (R 75 038.26 excl VAT) each
DISC SPRING 12/28ST -2005.12 RA726300 R 374.00 (R 325.22 excl VAT) each
Winch Handle 10" (250mm) RA507298 R 940.00 (R 817.39 excl VAT) each
Andersen 28ST
Andersen 28ST RA202800 R 12 075.00 (R 10 500.00 excl VAT) each
C180 C180 Free
50ST Winch FS E1 Electric 12V RA2050011300 R 53 946.00 (R 46 909.57 excl VAT) each

Falx imports and supplies a large range of quality equipment for the Marine, RV and Outdoor markets.

All pricing shown is subect to availability and exchange rate fluctuations.


Vitrifrigo Refrigeration:

Marine, RV, game lodges and holiday homes

Ronstan & Andersen Winches

Andersen Winches are the best in stainless steel and they are designed to give many years of service

LED Lighting, BCM, Frensch and Altigi

These lights are suitable for: marine, RV, domestic, rural and factory applications.

Jefa Steering

Jefa manufactures quality steering and rudder bearing systems.

Solar Panels